About Us

McKeon Electric is a fully licensed and Insured electrical contractor.

John and Myles Mckeon are both licensed master electricians and they run Mckeon Electric .

For 60 years McKeon Electric has been providing electrical  services to both residential and commercial customers in the Long Island community.

McKeon Electric  is a  leader in electrical service.

MCKEON ELECTRIC  was founded in 1956 and is proud to be  3rd generation business . John Mckeon and Myles Mckeon currently own and operate the Mckeon Electric . John and Myles  are both very experienced LICENSED MASTER ELECTRICIANS . They  have extensive experience designing and completing  all types of electrical installations .

If your project involves modification or remodeling of an existing electrical system or the installation of a new system McKeon Electric’s team will do it promptly and efficiently.  All work is guaranteed and completed  in a neat and professional manner.  

Mckeon Electric’s  team does not work on commission like  the chain type electrical contractors .Commissioned workers  recommend  services that you might not need  .We will only provide services you need and want.